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Get the help you need to establish paternity

What happens after paternity is determined?

There can often be a need for legal guidance when a child is born to unmarried parents. During pregnancy, Attorney Megan C. Wells can provide legal guidance as what should be signed and not signed at the hospital.


With the best interest of the child in mind, you can rest assured that you will get the relevant legal information you need to make the best decisions, as well as learn what you should expect in court.


Let us respectfully counsel you through the extremely personal aspects of this case.

This can often be an emotional event that generates many questions. Let us alleviate some of the anxieties regarding this sensitive matter. Once paternity is established, legal rights of the parent can be explored.


Using our knowledge and experience, we'll address your case with the compassion and care needed for such an intimate matter. Allow us to work with you to establish child custody, visitation, and support in the interest of an effective parent-child relationship.

When there are questions relating to the identity of your child's father, get the delicate attention you need to establish paternity and resolve all related matters.

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